To upload your tracklog click on:


This competition will be scored using Airscore.

Airscore is a platform designed and created by Melbourne based Paraglider pilot Geoff Wong. The software allows scoring of paragliding competitions, including open distance, task based, GAP and RACE scoring.

The scoring package enables competitors to quickly download and submit their own track logs rather than queueing at HQ and dealing with potential delays and issues. Tracklogs are available immediately for competitors to review their own and other pilots flights and spectators outside the competition have an immediate view of the day.

Overall the system reduces the burden on competition organisers and is far more flexible for all involved.

How to upload your tracklog

Uploading to the Airscore site is a simple process, please folllow the steps below.

1. Download your tracklog and save it as an IGC file. Your tracklog must have a valid ‘G record’ to be scored.

2. On the Bright Open Airscore page you will see the dialogue box shown below. Browse to where your tracklog was stored and fill out your details then click ‘Send Tracklog’ as shown here:

Any problems,  email or SMS the scorer